Lo-Fi is dead with CameraBag 2!

CameraBag is the trendsetter that sparked the lo-fi/vintage photo app movement a few years ago. Now, it’s an afterthought in your virtual “camera bag” with a vast number of photo apps out on the market today.

CameraBag 2

Not anymore! CameraBag 2 which was built around the professional photographer has vastly improved with a 32-bits-per-channel analog engine that propels the desktop version bring hi-fi to the palm of your hand. The hi-fi analog engine brings smooth color gradations to your photos even when they’re heavily filtered. (App Store: FREE)

CameraBag 2 comes equipped with 24 styles all for FREE! An in-app purchase of $1.99 will unlock the the Pro upgrade setting off over 50 additional styles, new boarders, the ability to save your own styles in-app, or load styles made in CameraBag 2 for Mac/PC.

              iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3

The interface has been redesigned from the ground up to be simple, transparent, and fast. It’s quick and painless to save your shot or share via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


– Powerful new hi-fi Analog Engine straight from CameraBag 2 for Mac/PC for unparalleled image quality
– 24 different styles, 50+ in the Pro upgrade (iPhone) and HD (iPad) versions
– Sliders allow you to adjust individual components of each style for a unique look
– Remix button infinitely changes styles for even more variations not possible via sliders
– A huge array of borders and aspect ratios, as well as freehand cropping
– Easy sharing to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more
– Preview chooser panel stylishly shows you all the filters at once
– Elegant, minimalist interface


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