Thirty Six App Review + Giveaway!

Thirty Six

We all enjoy the instant sensation mobile photography bring to our busy lives, from shooting and immediately seeing an image to sharing it on social networks for all our friends and family to see. These instantaneous motions have rendered many awful photos. We’re quick to just shoot and not really compose a well balanced photograph on our mobiles.

Well, Thirty Sixby Glub Tech, is a camera replacement app that slows down that process in a good way.  Plus it’s unique and simple to use. (App Store: $1.99)

Thirty Six forces the user to think about what you’re shooting to become a better photographer. How, you ask? It’s simple, remember film cameras? Thirty Six works as a “digital film” camera with you guessed it, 36 frames of exposure. Like traditional film cameras you can’t see an instantaneous photo rendered by the app. You’ll have to wait unit all 36 frames have been used. Once you’ve finished your roll, the selection process begins.

iPhone Screenshot 1

This is done by developing the virtual film and selecting those shots you love from one of the coolest features not seen with any other app, a contact sheet!

iPhone Screenshot 5

Once you’re done selecting your left with beautiful back and white photos, you can then share it with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter, of course.

iPhone Screenshot 4


Note from the developer:

a new release is due shortly that adds an improved loupe view, an advanced camera that allows for focus and exposure lock, and tweaked black and white processing.

Thanks to Gary, I have five (5) promo codes to give away! To obtain a code please tell us why you would like a code to receive Thirty Six for FREE. Five (5) winners will be selected at random and must appropriately comment to win a code (don’t just say “I would like to try it” or of the sort)!

29 responses to “Thirty Six App Review + Giveaway!

  1. After 2 years of layering my work, i tend more and more to “simple” shots on the street… I don’t pretend to be a streetphotographer, but like to go back to the contact sheet choice i always loved when doing analog work…. Picking your best shots… It is all about being critical of your own work … and i think thirty six would be perfect for that!


    • I’m in total agreement with you here Carlein! Being critical of one’s own work is important and this app forces that hand. Codes waiting for you in your FB inbox.


  2. Well, I just haven’t had the guts to download this app yet. Everyone is having so much fun with it, and I was affraid I would take too much time to play wit it. I had some important work to do. Now that’s done, I am ready to dive into this!


    • Well, wait no longer RP! Glad to give you a code. Can’t wait to see one of your contact sheets filled with beautiful landscapes (or street if you prefer). Color rendering coming soon as well. Code sent.


  3. The idea behind Thirty Six sounds like the perfect blend of Hipstamatic and the long gone Disposable. It’d be interesting to give this app a try.

    Will be anxiously waiting for the focus & exposure locks. That’s a feature every camera replacement app should have.


    • That D-series is exactly what this app reminds me of (well with film roll feature). I’ve hinted to the Dev that sharing film rolls like the D-series in a future update would be very welcomed.
      Please you the code as soon as you get it, the Dev submitted the new update today and it’s only a matter of time before it’s expected.


  4. Nowadays we rarely have the opportunity to relive the film camera experience we once had,digital photography made us eager to shoot more and more and faster ! Thirty six bring us back,to those days when we had to wait hours or days to reveal our photos and build our families albuns,


  5. Looks and sounds very interesting app replacement I had a chance to read some reviews this would be a great addition to anyone’s camera bag thanks for the chance to win a promo code never know it replace one of my other B & W app. Thanks for a great giveaway.


  6. I find myself taking a hundred crappy photos just because I can. Then I end up with a very messy camera roll. Would love to teach myself some discipline and this sounds like the app to do it!


  7. I do like the idea of that. It would teach people to take care of what they are photographing. Now there is “one shot .. don’t like it .. one shot … don’t like it” with this, you have to take care of everything, get it right before taking the shot.


  8. The concept of Thirty-Six is simple but effective. Take your time and compose your shot. This makes us all better photographers. By not viewing each shot after it is taken, we should all revert to the days when we were more prudent with our exposures. I love this idea and believe that Thirty-Six will make us more aware of how we compose and take our pictures. What a simple and effective idea. Outstanding!


  9. I have missed developing & printing contact sheets! Plus the 36 exp limit reminds us to make every shot count. What a great idea, this app goes on my wish list!


  10. I began my “photographer” experience when the digital photography age was already begin. I never experimented analogic emotions and challanges, and I think this could be an opportunity to know and enjoy it, even with my iPhone!


  11. It’s a brilliant idea that you have to consider more what you do. I just started experimenting with b&w. I always carry my iPhone with me so a combination of the two couldn’t be better.


  12. Maybe this app will help me convince my dad to start using the iPhone! He’s an old-fashioned photographer but film prices are getting higher, this will be so much more practical! Thanks for the giveaway!


  13. Yes this definitely reminds me of the first days of shooting with my old 35mm camera in 1974! The excitement of seeing that roll developed is definitely lost when shooting with my iPhone. It would be great to see a series of shots and then select the best. Great idea!


  14. Hello, I would like to get this app, because it would be a way to remember the way we used to take pictures before digital cams arrived. I think it would be fun to mix old technology with new technology.

    Hope I win. Nice blog BTW.


  15. I am a Hipstamatic addicted but I fell that I need to try different things and this app looks perfect my taste.


  16. Why 36? It’s the only opportunity to go back to 36 @ 61. Would you pass up the chance? Besides I’m always looking to be a better photographer even @ 61. Even though there is an illusion that “Life is shorter @ 61, than @36” let’s not loose that shot📷.


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