3hirty6ix Photozine…

…Coming Soon in April.

Yesterday we reviewed and gave away promo codes to a truly unique photo app called Thirty Six. Now there’s revealing news that a new project involving the app and 36 photographers is in the works.

Here’s a sneak peek of the cover to a new quarterly photozine project entitled 3hirty6ix headed by once featured artist and long time friend, Aik Beng Chia and supported by the photo app Thirty Six.

3hirty6ix Photozine

The photozine will be based on a set of contact sheets & photos shot from the app Thirty Six. It will contain 36 contact sheets and 36 single photos from 36 iPhone photographers from around the world.

Participating Photographers

When details on where to purchase 3hirty6ix we’ll be sure to bring you that information.


5 responses to “3hirty6ix Photozine…

  1. Interesting app and project. Incredibly disappointing to see that there are so few women photographers involved in the project. Is this specifically street and urban photographers?


    • There’s 4 women photographers. It’s ABC’s project and he’s free to hand pick the selected. It’s not a sexist thing at all. This is just the first of many editions to come. ABC’s mobile work is strickly street/documentary so we’re pretty sure the photozine project will be geared towards that route.


      • Certainly anyone running a project can select participants – that said? There is still so much sexism in the art world and business world in general. It is a sad commentary that when given an opportunity, an organizer would not be more egalitarian and work harder to identify deserving women to be involved in projects like this…


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