EXPOSURE : A Mobile Photography Exhibition

From March 16 – 26, 2013, CS Gallery in Columbus, Ohio will play host to EXPOSURE: A Mobile Photography Exhibition, showcasing the work of 60 artists — local and global — whose diverse views and voices are expressed through mobile devices. This is the first major gallery exhibition dedicated solely to mobile photography featuring international artists in the Midwest U.S., curated by Amy Leibrand (@_thisspace_).

iPh0 caught up with the curator of EXPOSURE, Amy Leibrand. Here’s few things she had to say about how the show came to be and the excitement behind curating the show.


In early February I released an open call on Facebook, which I had to close after less than 2 days because the response was overwhelming. My initial goal was to have 30 local artists and 10 national/international artists, which within about a day became 30 national/international. It was really difficult to turn away artists that wanted to participate but the gallery only has so much wall space. I’m learning! I hope to make this an annual event now that I know the excitement is there!

official exhibit flyer

To harness the energy in the global mobile photography community, EXPOSURE will feature 300 photographs by emerging and acclaimed artists, including the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards’ Photographer of the Year, Sarah Jarrett. Each participating artist will display five images, in an 8-inch by 8-inch format. The visual consistency of new and seasoned artists displayed side-by-side emphasizes the collaborative and inclusive nature of the global mobile photography community.

CS Gallery is made up of working artists and educators whose mission is to provide an opportunity for artists of all levels and genre to present, market, and sell their works. The gallery serves as an experimental space for innovative artists, and was featured in the We Are Juxt article, Emergence of Mobile Photography: Columbus.


EXPOSURE: A Mobile Photography Exhibition

March 16 – 26, 2013

Opening reception March 16, 7:00-11:00 pm

CS Gallery, 66 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio

Shortlist of participating artists:

adam elkins ° adam gilbert ° alessandra manzotti ° ali wade
amo passicos ° amy leibrand ° andrea koerner ° andrew b. white
barbara dubois ° benamon tame ° cat morris ° catalina melo
catherine restivo ° chad cochran ° chris faytle ° christopher burk
chuck johnson ° cindy patrick ° cynthia westover ° dave uy
david ploskonka ° david wade ° dawn ruggles ° deb evans braun
fiona christian ° gwenn danae ° jaime ferreyros ° james k. rinehart
janine graf ° jenna long ° jennifer bracewell ° jennifer moffitt
jennifer phillips ° joel weston ° kelly stout ° kim curtin
kristi dingess ° lanie heller ° laura peischl ° lene basma
lindsey thompson ° liz grilli ° lizzie koselke ° lola mitchell
malcome brumet ° maria peters ° matt strelecki ° michela baxter
mike saiia ° nettie edwards ° nicholas carron ° nick coplen
patrick mccolgan ° robert herold ° roger guetta ° sarah jarrett
stephanie kuhl ° tim courlas ° tommy vohs ° w.e. arnold

In conjunction with the opening reception of Exposure: A Mobile Photography Exhibition that will be held March 16, 2013 at CS Gallery, an EyeEm Meet Up will take place in Columbus to celebrate it’s vibrant mobile arts community and the continued emergence of the medium in Central Ohio. All participants will meet in the Olde Towne East section of the city at CS Gallery.

Following the Meet Up, participants will congregate at a nearby coffee house or pub, and eventually attend the Exposure reception which takes place from 7-10 pm and includes food/beer/wine + DJ/VJ set.


Event information can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/events/331572593609658/ and http://www.facebook.com/events/501141899927905/?ref=3

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