Deco Sketch: Review + FREE for All!

Deco Sketch

For the geometrically obsessed, design mobile artistry with Deco Sketch Pro! (App Store: Free through the weekend!)

Deco Sketch is a universal photo editing app that boost your photos to make detailed masterpieces featuring geometric effects or simply start a new design from scratch. Deco Sketch is equipped with 10 different brush types in 130 variations. All there to help you create original and modern geometric art.

iPhone Screenshot 2  iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 5

The user interface works in harmony in that the flow, opacity, size, angle, and position of the drawn strokes are determined by simple finger swipes and taps. Features such as zoom and pan, undo and redo help achieve exact precision with detailed placements. Users will be happy to know the app produces high-resolution output with capabilities up to 8 megapixels or standard iPhone 5 camera resolution.

With a little exploration you’ll find Deco Sketch easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional to dream up a beautifully design work of art.

– 2 new brushes with over 26 styles
– 14 new presets for existing brushes
– Eyedropper tool to create custom color palettes from photos
– Improved UI with advanced color options one tap away
– 10 unique brushes with 130 variations and 15 customizable attributes


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