Something new is a brewing in Percolator 2.3!


Just 24 hours ago, April 1st, 2013, Tinrocket announced on their blog that Percolator 2.3 was submitted to the App Store on Thursday, March 28th promising to have everything that was in the unreleased 2.2 version, plus some new concoctions. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update to the popular mobile artistry app Percolator. The new features look and sound promising. Let’s just hope this isn’t an April fools joke!

Here’s a complete list of what’s new to version 2.3:


  • A new Brew: Percolator boldly enters the 1960s with “Tripstamatic!”
  • A new Brew: Percolator gets wobbly with “Charmed” circles!
  • A new Serve Tone: “Flash Burn”—A high contrast vignette
  • Even smaller circles with the new Tiny Circles Grind Effect
  • A new Grind Effect: “Woodblock”—Converts your photo to 4 colors before Percolating for a very bold look!

Export & Import

  • Example images make great starting points for your own percs!
  • Maximum ‘Save To Photos’ size is now 3584 pixels! (Maximum export size for iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, and iPad 1 is 2048 pixels.)
  • Customizable image export settings
  • Send to Instagram with the option to Crop
  • Send to a Postcard with Sincerely!
  • Send your Percs to other photo apps or Copy to the Clipboard
  • Import via Paste and from other photo app’s sharing features


  • Support for the 4 inch Retina display
  • Retina support for iPad 3
  • New UI for the Import and Export menus—In addition to the sleek new look, I now have plenty of room to keep adding features.
  • Many tiny improvements that you may not notice, but make Percolator even more awesome.

See more examples and read the entire article here.


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