iPh0’s Top 30 for April 2013

Well it’s that time again, when iPho proudly presents the longest running monthly collection of mobile photography/artistry around!

April was yet again another excellent month for the medium. Many new comers come to play along side veterans in the game showcasing their work in our Flickr Group. I am continually in awe by the constant work presented by you the artist and photographer.

Our lead image is by the magnificent and inspirational artist, Veronica aka Tori, with a beaut of an image entitled Pain || Pleasure. The piece is a majestic one to behold, from the lighting to the shadows to the subject, prop, and setting, it all just works so well. I can’t get enought of Tori’s brilliance!

Other works include beautiful landscapes, street photography, portraits, abstracts and much more by some of the most brilliant artists and mobile photographers. They include: Lee Thatcher, Brad P., 10_ya, Urban Muser, Cedric Blanchon, Susan Tuttle, Ginger Lucero and many many more!

Clicking on an image will redirect you to the artist’s Flickr photostream.

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some inspiration here.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group. You made this month’s selection process very tough. For your chance to be featured don’t forget to join and contribute to the group. Please keep them coming in!


Pain || Pleasure by Tori


untilted by Lee Thatcher


Walk through Westlake, Chasing Light by Brad P.


28#2013/365 IPHONE by Unaisa Momoitio


The Scream by Street Dog


hastings beach by Louise Fryer


Look for the next shot by 10_ya


White Gloves by caroline2645


Escape Artist by Urban Muser


We are human by Cedric Blanchon


Heading into the Surf by Petyr Campos


Wild Horses by Paul Moore


untitled by column1


patience is the art of hoping by Janine Graf


birth by Susan Tuttle


Yarn-bombed basswood bud by Mark Whitcombe


Find your happy place. Even on days when it seems impossible. by Cheryl Tarrant


The Morning Stroll by Tracy J. Thomas


Alcatraz Exercise Yard by Andrew Hollingsworth


Abstract 4.29.13 by Poetic Medium


untitled by Mariko Klug


Pillow Fight London 2013 by Robin Pope


UnDefined by VeronicaMo


A Moment in Time by Ginger Lucero


The Princess and The Prince by Tuana Aziz


the wall by Thomas Kakareko


Anxiety by Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Flora by Sarah Jarrett


2 by Amo Passicos


untitled by xxfromneptune


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8 responses to “iPh0’s Top 30 for April 2013

  1. Oh my! Such a lovely mix of talented artists. Congratulations to all! Thank you dear Edi for the feature! Hey, can I nominate your work to be included in the next round?:) xx ~S


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  3. what incredible images and artistic visions. thank you so much for including “white gloves”. it is a true honor to be featured alongside such inspiring work!


  4. Very kind of you Edi to choose my photo for this months top 30. I am glad you found something interesting in it.


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