The iPhoneographer’s Network Cancelled!?!

the iphoneogrpaher's network cancelled

On April 28th The iPhoneographer’s Network sent out an email altering users it would be closing up shop.

Run by the founders of and found the failed social experiment too costly to maintain. Ning, the service provider, hacked up prices “which is all but 3x the original sign-up costs.”

The social network was a brilliant idea in the beginning, the word of mouth and enthusiasm were all there, but a lack of user participation could have played a roll its demise.  With so many social media outlets it may have been difficult for users to participate in the way the network was intended.  We’ll really never know.

R.I.P TiPN August 2012 – April 2013

Don’t fret there’s an TiPN alternative:

AMPt Community


4 responses to “The iPhoneographer’s Network Cancelled!?!

  1. Ya, I was kinda shocked when I got that email….

    Another nice community that I’ve found is:

    Lots of photo-app addicts and developers (a lot of familiar faces from IPN actually ;-)) alike in that community. Plus there is an Mobitog-app as well, which you can use to share you work on the boards…


  2. I was surprised that the site used the Flickr Plugin with the associated running around that entailed for imagery uploads as opposed to using the on site image feature available to Ning sites? Maybe that ‘clunkiness’ for want of a better word added to the less than stellar user experience.


  3. A real shame for the world of iPhoneography, but symptomatic of the ever increasing rates and charges we are all facing in the current climate! And, as chris has already said, THE (pre-existing) Original & Global iPhoneography Community lives on and has a truly thriving MobiFamily of talented and high profile iPhoneographers and iArtists… Come join and see what a real Community gets up to… :)


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