iPhone0genic Turns 3 Today

iph0 turns 3

Today marks the 3rd anniversary for iPh0! It is with your support; our readers, friends, contributors and sponsors that we have reached this milestone and continue to make this small and humble blog one of the leading in iPhoneography/mobile photography over the past numbers of years.

Although posts have slowed down a bit you continue to show your support for iPh0 by continually stopping by and spending a little bit of your time perusing the blog.  With so many other related blogs out there these days, I feel honored that you choose to make iPhone0genic apart of your daily reads, for this I gratefully thank each and every one of you. Thank you for always letting me share my musing with you!

Here’s to many more anniversaries!


-Edi Caves @iPhone0genic

15 responses to “iPhone0genic Turns 3 Today

  1. Happy Birthday, iPh0! Congratulations on the success of your blog. It’s blogs like yours that keep us iPhoneographers informed! :)


    • yep three whole years. iPh0 was the third site behind LifieInLofi and iPhoneography.com dedicated to the medium back then. Thanks!


  2. Happy burfday! I only found you a few months ago, I hope it picks up again. Everything has its ups and downs


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