Socialmatic™ is coming!

A new camera design concept is due to hit the streets in early 2014 and it’s called Socialmatic™.

Based on the photo sharing boom over the recent years Socialmatic is a marriage between a tangible camera and real world prints and the social side of sharing pics with online communities.

Although the rendering may look like the Instagram logo, the company Socialmatic™ LLC, says they have no affiliation. The renderings also display the Polaroid trademark prominently on the fascia of the Socialmatic camera, which the company explains that they are in negotiations with the once Instant Camera giant to begin production of the concept.

So what features will the Socialmatic camera include? Glad you asked, here are the fully listed features to date:

  • 14Mpx Front Camera
  • 2Mpx Rear CameraLED Flash
  • 4.3” Touchscreen
  • 4GB Internal Storage
  • Stereo Speakers
  • GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth integration
  • Frontal LCD with Mood Assistant A.I.
  • Proprietary Socialmatic™ Instant Filters
  • Zink Instant Printer
  • Remote Printing Capabilities
  • SD-HDC for External Storage
  • Socialmatic™ Network Compliant

Other details about what else this product will include are set to be released within the coming months.

Official cost to consumers is yet to be determined, Socialmatic™ LLC says it will be a product afforable for everyone. We’ll see.

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