iPhone0genic’s Top 31 for November 2013

Welcome to another installment of the longest running curated monthly collection of mobile photography and imagery.

Once again we are sooooo late in presenting the collection for the month of November, but thanks for hanging in there. The top contenders are in and we’ve tallied up the top 31 mobile photographs and artistry images for November 2013!

Our lead image evokes such raw intensity from both the figure and stark contrast in colors. Paula Gardener totally captures a powerful roar in her image entitled, “Can you hear me!”   Over the past year Gardener has become known for captivating us with her emotional portraits. Well done Paula!

This collection features a plethora of portraits, landscapes, mobile art,  and a few multiexposures. Artists include Joel Adam, Erika Brothers, Susan Blase, Sarah Jarrett, and many more!

Clicking on an image will redirect you to the artist’s Flickr photostream.

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some inspiration here.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group. You’ve made this month’s selection process very tough. For your chance to be featured don’t forget to join and contribute to the group. Please keep them coming in!

Can you hear me! by Paula Gardener

Melted by Ade Santora

“Stop Whispering” series by Natali Prosvetova

First Louisiana frost. by Joel Adam

Untitled by BlemishedEye

Foggy sunrise, Grand Canyon, November by allophile

I see through you by Erika Brothers

In A Country Churchyard by Nettie Edwards

the greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think… by PiecesofmeJen

Silenced by It by Jennifer L. Phillips

Asleep Behind The Wheel by Susan Blase

Untitled by Robin Pope

Here by Lanie Heller

Street Life by Damian Nowosadzki

Oggl two by Leon

Unterwegs by io Analoger

Chief Kiawanda Rock by Stacy Ann Young

Fall away by Clint Cline

‘Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.’ by kCe7

Untitled by Aylin Argun

Autumn Mist by Lea Zimany

Suft Beat by Masaki

Cleaning up 3 by Karen Divine Boulder

New Brighton Beach by Gerard Collett

Hope by Sarah Jarrett

Harry’s Bar by .alice_lacomte.

When A Love Is In Bloom…by mutablend

The Mob by Roger Guetta

Digital Trace – Montréal skyline by misspixels

Little Man by Carlos Agrazal

I feel something so right by doing the wrong thing. And I feel something so wrong by doing the right thing. Everything that kills me makes me feel so alive. by Edi Caves X Ginger Lucero

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4 responses to “iPhone0genic’s Top 31 for November 2013

  1. Hi Edi, hey man thanks so much for choosing one of my images, totally buzzed to be in such amazing and inspiring company. cheers


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