iPhoneogenic is a leading blog about iPhone Photography know as iPhoneography. The blog is the largest collection of  interviews with iPhoneographers/Mobile Photographers. iPhoneogenic also features monthly collections, storytellers, community news, and occasional reviews. Founded in 2010 by Edi Caves, a mobile photographer in his own right, it is one of the best known places for iPhoneography.

iPhoneogenic is rooted in establishing in a humanistic approach as the tag line suggests, “A place for highlighting the iPhoneographer.” The blog was created with the sole purpose to give the iPhoneographer a voice, allowing readers to get to know artists behind the works on a more intimate level.Soon after building momentum in late 2010 iPhoneogenic expanded its coverage. The blog began to select photos/images from its Flickr group to showcase the incredible work  produced by talented artists from around the world each month, now it’s a can’t miss special event! As the mostly underground movement of iPhoneography began to flourish in the ladder part of 2011 and throughout 2012, iPhoneogenic has had to change with it. We now bring our readers new features such as app and product reviews, giveaways, and event/community news.

iPhoneogenic has been mentioned by various sites and blogs as a major resource in the world of mobile photography over the years. Most notability in an article entitled “10 Essential Websites for iPhone Photographers” published by Mashable in 2010 and again 2012 by DailyTekk in an article disscusing 100+ photography resources.

iPhoneogenc will continue to be a place of record in the history of iPhoneogeaphy/Mobile Photography for years to come.

If you have any questions or comments regarding iPhoneogenic, please contact us.

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