Wired: Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences

SOURA MAGAZINE: ISSUE 31 – WINTER 2011: [snapshots] 1 by Matthew Burlem – Book Review

Spinasucci: iPhoneogenic – Great Site for iPhoneographers

ES La Vanguardia: Art in iPhone format

TBC: The Rise & Rise of iPhoneography

Mashable: 10 Essential Websites for iPhone Photographers

Cult of Mac: iPhone Photography Makes Big Impact [Year in Review]

Cult of Mac: Software Makes iPhone Photography Fun

Cult of Mac: iPhone Photography Exhibition Opens In Oakland

The Atlantic: Hipstamatic and the Time When Photographs Looked Like Paintings

Charlotta Kratz: Why I stopped using Hipstamatic

Wausau city Pages (Via LifeinLoFi): The real Hipstamatic backstory?

Eric Kim: 10 Tips How to Master Street Photography with the iPhone

PhotoTech: iPhone Meets iPad

Peter Jansen: The Apps and Downs of iPhone-photography (Via Dixon Hamby iPhoneography)

Pixig: Taking fantastic photos with an iPhone ( the comments are great)

American Photo Magazine: Photographers And Their iPhones

Cnet Australia: iPhone photography: Art or gimmick?

Photopreneur: Can You Make Money from Your iPhone Photos?

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