iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for July 2012

Our top contenders are in!

The month of July brought forth quality photos and images all developed on an iDevice. Amongst those is our lead image  “Asphyxia” by Tracy J. Thomas. Over the course of the month Tracy added many masked figures to our Flickr Group which any one could have easily been our lead image, they’re that good! If you haven’t seen them yet head on over to her photostream.

This collection is packed with various portraits, dreamscapes, abstract art, and representational mobile photography.  The collections also includes many first-timers on iPhoneogenic such as Ade Santora, Paul Sheen, oneday123, and Allison Pistohl. Other stunning images include works by Clay Benskin, Nettie Edwards, Liz Grilli, Alan Kastner and many more.

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some inspiration here.

Clicking on an image will redirect you back to the artist’s Flickr photostream.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group . You made this month’s selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in!

Asphyxia by Tracy J. Thomas

Golden Fields of England by Tim Strat

Yamamoto’s Awakening by Alan Kastner

Alchemy by Andrew Lucchesi

In my subconscious at ten past three by Mel Harrison

Fly By by Paul Moore

Physical Silence by Paul Sheen

A Day To Remember by MutaBlend

At The Record Store by Has Borghorst

Naked and Alone by Shane Martin

No chance to meet you in this rain by Yuriy Leskiv

the empress by Liz Grilli

Set me free by Danny

The Abyss revisited by Alexander Kesselaar

panic disorder by giorgopoliti

photo by Jordan Cortese

Untitled by Greg Briggs

blind side is on your back by Ade Santora

petit cochon dreams of forests by oneday123

Untitled by mmanfred

she knows which games are best. by Amy Leibrand

Honeysuckle by Nettie Edwards

Fallen Angels 1 by Allison Pistohl

As if… by Maddy McCoy

Big Guy On The Move by Lea Zimany

Stuck in park by Kimberly at the lake

Untitled by Clay Benskin

Illusion of particles by Robert Herold

Shadow pic #23 by Souichi Furusho

a word, before you go by Laszlo Lim

Insightby by Clint Cline


11 responses to “iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for July 2012

  1. What a collection. There were so many images that made me pause and go “Are you serious? This was done on an iPhone??!!” Amazing pieces of work. Outstanding! Congratulations to all the featured artists. You inspire!


  2. I am constantly blown away by the creative possibilities of this little device we all love so much!
    The images you have chosen are inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for including my image in this month’s pick.


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