iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 For August 2012

As summer draws to a close, we are proud to bring you a very HOT collection of images that embodies the spirit of mobile photography and mobile art.

To help facilitate the selection for the month of August we asked a friend of the blog and past featured artist, Andy Royston, to keep his eyes on your work all month long. While the collection reflects the majority of our top pics, Andy was an acting adviser and also help shed some light on a few images we may have missed.  Thank you Andy for your contribution to this selection!

Our lead image by Sion Fullana, “The Summer Kiss,” is a very lovely moment between two mortals encapsulating bliss and romance.  I love it for its simplicity and storytelling.  What a perfect summer feel too! Another stand out image, “Hideaway,” is a treasure only captured through the macro lens of Lindsey Thompson. Her macro work is top notch! Still, Robin Pope’s “Follow Your Dreams,” captures two of my favorite mediums; mobile photography and street art. And with fall right around the corner it’s time for some American Football. “Preseason” by Michael Andrade has got me pumped for the kickoff to a new season, go Texans! Other stunners in this collection range from portraits and landscapes to monochromes and viberant colors by the likes of Gusbano, Chris Harland, Michael Sutton, Lola Mitchell, Ginger Lucero, Nico Brons, Amy Leibrand and many more!

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some inspiration here.

Clicking on an image will redirect you back to the artist’s Flickr photostream.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group . You made this month’s selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in!

The Summer Kiss by Sion Fullana

Day 204 — pressed ferns by Kimberly Post Rowe

Do I Need A Reason by Ivana J.B.

Pebbles by Chris Brooks

The Oddity by Ginger Lucero

Lazy Hazy Days by Jay Harvey

Hideaway by Lindsey Thompson

Hoosierland Morning by Ray Luther

Music by Lola Mitchell

Ice Bath by Alexander Kesselaar

Singing at the Portland Art Museum by Cecily Caceu

Like It Was Yesterday by Melissa Camille

the soft look your eyes had once by Stephanie Meckfessel

Follow Your Dreams by Robin Pope

faded by Ade Santora

blackandwhite by Gusbano

As We Could Ever by Millo Salagdo

Chasms by Yammay

deer in the headlights by Amy Leibrand

Untitled by Allison Pistohl

picasso sinks by Janine Graf

Preseason by Michael Andrade

Boats by the Ouse by Chris Harland

Hanicker Schwaige II by Mariko Klug

Field Songs by Paul Sheen

Father and Daughter by Michael Sutton

The Eye by Nico Brons

Blowing Smoke by Susan Blase

Planting seeds by Sarah Jarrett

Summer Ends by Simone Cento


An Angel in L.A. by Rey O.

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