P1xels launches iPhotographer Magazine

It’s here, the newest digital
magazine dedicated to iPhone photography and art, iPhotographer
. It has been six long months in the making, but KB of P1xels and associates are proud to deliver a unique presentation into the world of iPhoneography. I have just
gave the Preview Issue a whirl and I must say it was delightful.
It’s filled with insightful information, tips and tricks, and a couple of strange columns like Appstrology and The Secret Smartographer ( which could be of interests to a few of you). The
magazine is colorful and well laid out, although the Preview Issue does have few kinks like video loading and footnotes to the editor of which are sure to be addressed in the coming issues of iPhotographer Magazine. It’s an excellent start to what will surely be a fascinating read each month.
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Preview Issue of iPhotographer Magazine for iPad is available
now on the Apple Newsstand. iPM_Preview_ISSUE_600wide

Publisher Petr Palan of Fast Track
Magazines and Editor Knox Bronson of P1xels—The Art of the iPhone
have joined forces to launch an exciting new magazine, iPhotographer, a lens focused on the vibrant and exciting world of mobile photography in a beautiful, fully-interactive, multi-media
publication for the IPad. Along the way, they have assembled a stellar crew of writers, editors, curators, artists, and
photographers in order to produce an amazingly original, informative, and extremely entertaining magazine.

The preview issue is generous in its
content, about a third of the size of the coming regular issues, to reveal some very clever features unlike anything else in the traditional photography, mobile or otherwise, magazine format, such
as The Secret Smartographer, Appstrology, Mike Sweeney’s
Playground, and much much more.

Beautiful regional and city
galleries from around the world, video interviews, audio to delight and educate, detailed tutorials, expert gear reviews by award-winning photographer and gear-hound Jack Hollingsworth, an advice column, the best of Instagram galleries in every issue. Add to this the always amazing art selection and curation, along with
informative articles, at times off-beat and funny, always geared to enriching your life as both a maker and lover of great pictures, and you have the most exciting photography, art, and lifestyle
magazine on the planet.

As we take pictures with our phone and shares them with friends, family, and the world, we are creating a revolution, a global phenomenon unprecedented in human history. iPhotographer Magazine strives to capture and focus that amazing energy every month.

Three core concepts guide everything
iPhotographer brings to its readers:
CREATIVITY—SIMPLICITY—INSPIRATION. Along with the unspoken one: FUN! iPhotographer’s goals are simply to enliven, illuminate, and create a monthly snapshot of the global moment in iPhone photography: what people are doing with their phones, their amazing pictures, and the technological developments enabling it

The magazine is aimed at the global
community … taking pictures and bringing out the magic in them …
for ALL levels of interest, experience, and expertise. Every month it will feature art and artists, tips and tricks, the newest tools, hardware and apps, in capturing the magical moments of life.
iPhotographer Magazine is for anybody who loves taking pictures
with a phone, anybody who loves beautiful pictures and is interested in the people making them, anybody who is interested in the cutting-edge technology of photography, and anybody who is interested in cultural movements such as the uploading of one half a billion pictures a day to social networks!

included in the free Preview Issue for a limited period! Subscribe now and save 60% on a standard annual subscription.

2 responses to “P1xels launches iPhotographer Magazine

    • Are you doing it from an iPhone? Because it clearly says it’s available for iPad only at the moment.


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