The Best of 2013 on iPhone0genic!

iPh0 best of 2012 – image may be shared on your blog, Instagram, Flickr and/or social media outlets.

iPh0’s best of 2013 – image may be shared on your blog, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and/or other social media outlets.

2013 was another brilliant year for the mobile photography and mobile artistry movement and iPh0 had the pleasure to view many of the best the medium has to offer in the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group. Throughout the year iPh0 collected these artifacts and presented them in monthly round-ups here on the blog. The Flickr group presented over 58 thousand images alone in 2013, which shows the vast number of people that are creating on their mobile devices. It is also an indicator of how difficult it is to curate a showcase like this year-in and year-out! Of those 58 thousand images only 336 images were selected throughout the year.

Like last year, iPh0 has put together the year end crème de la crème of Top Images on the blog. From the 336 images, 50 images were selected to be apart of the best of 2013. But there were just way too many stellar image iPh0 could just not pass on so, the collection amounts to a total of 60 stunning images. These images represent what it takes to be featured on iPhonegenic’s monthly collections. That’s an image that speaks volumes, contains craftsmanship, tells a story/moving, uniqueness, shows hidden gems, and overall an eye popping visual impact.

The images below do not represent an artist’s particular style, but merely what was said above as criteria for its selection.

Because iPh0 feels these images are all so awesome there is no lead, they are all just that brilliant on their own!

Clicking on an image will redirect you to the artist’s Flickr photostream.

I hope you enjoy the year end collection and find some inspiration here.

Thanks to all who submitted to the iPhoneogenic Flickr Group. You made the year end selection process very tough. Please keep them coming in the new year!

THANKS FOR A GREAT 2013! (Apologies for the delay in presenting this, wanted to get this right!)

mind overseas / feet in the past by krapoz

Pretty things by Lindsey Thompson

Faces session by Oleg Pilipenko

Shelter by Shane Martin

Untitled by Dutch Doscher

Princess 03 by Dixon Hamby

Balance by Sascha Unger

#cantkeepmyeyesoffofyou by Anthony Danielle

Human after all by Cedric Blanchon

Untitled by #Sanxo#

Spring by Sarah Jarrett

untitled by Roni Bar

These Birds Are Real by Lea Zimany

witch hunt series by Liz Grilli

plopplop by Chris Taki

Pain || Pleasure by Tori

Escape Artist by Urban Muser

Yarn-bombed basswood bud by Mark Whitcombe

patience is the art of hoping by Janine Graf

The Grape by Marie Matthews

Midnight Sun by Tim Stratton

Light and shadow by Thomas Kakareko

Early Morning Bike Ride by Melissa Vincent

How times fly by 10_ya

Divide by Ade Santora

Boardwalk Empress by yammay

“So let the mind flow like water. Face life with a calm and quiet mind and everything in life will be calm and quiet.” – Thich Thien-An by Cindy Patrick

MN130720_01 by Lynette Jackson

Sinking Feeling by Jo Dunford

ᏢᏞᎬᎪsᎬ ᎠᎾ. by Arijana Gurdon

Untitled by Alexey Ovsyannikov

Aliens by Michael Sutton

Afternoon Movement by Glenda Butterflyblue

Untitled by Jack Webb

Over the city by Ali Jardine

IMG_1829.JPG by GianlucaRicoveri

Image pic #80 by Souichi Furusho

299#2013/365……:). by Unaisa Momoitio

Tender is the Night ☾by Veronica Hassell

Does it make you happy now? by Masaki

Gentle touch Alessandro (AlGrega) Greganti

I Am Free, That Is Why I’m Lost. by mutablend

Around and Around by Susan Tuttle

Concrete Drop by Patryk Pat Kuleta

Can you hear me! by Paula Gardener

“Stop Whispering” series by Natali Prosvetova

Asleep Behind The Wheel by Susan Blase

Cleaning up 3 by Karen Divine Boulder

Digital Trace – Montréal skyline by misspixels

I feel something so right by doing the wrong thing. And I feel something so wrong by doing the right thing. Everything that kills me makes me feel so alive. by Edi Caves + Ginger Lucero

Brandlehow Bay, Derwentwater, Cumbria by Chris Harland

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristotle by Tuana Art

Express Yourself by Brandon Kidwell

Chain Gate Droplets by Josh St. Germain

Walk away by Michał Koralewski

Evening Light by Paul Moore

untitled by Aylin Argun

relaxing by M a r i k o

Hare Krishna 1 of 4 by Robin Pope

.. by Cechini Klaudia

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4 responses to “The Best of 2013 on iPhone0genic!

  1. Edi, Thank you for this recognition. To be represented among such respected and creative artists is humbling. I feel truly honored to be included among such talent.


  2. I’m just seeing this. But it is an honor Edi. Thanks for including me among such great artists. It’s a beautiful collection. Cheers to a whole new year!!!


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